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Razon Et. Al. Promises a Bigger, Better, Broader Broadcasting Reach on UNTV’s 10th Year Anniversary


Kuya Daniel Razon figures as the primary mover of the UNTV’s efforts for a bigger, better and broader broadcast. The station recently celebrated a decade of public service with a special broadcast that emanated from the World Trade Center and the Philippine Trade Training Center.

The event kicked off with a number of free services offered from the network and its partners in the government and the private sector, providing assistance to the elderlies and their families.

A great number of the senior populace, along with their loved ones, came to avail of the offerings at the two venues. Among the public service offerings were free eye checkup and eyeglasses, free medical consultation and prescription with free medicines, free trainings, free food and drinks, free massage and haircut, free dermatology checkup and treatment, free assistance from some of the lead government agencies, free legal consultation and assistance, free dental services, and almost all kinds of services that people pay for.

This is once again orchestrated and spearheaded by Mr. Public Service. The array of services offered by the station just keeps growing as Kuya Daniel was able to tap more and more government and non-government agencies who are willing to share to our indigent fellowmen.

Kuya Daniel, through the help of the UNTV staff and volunteers, are propagating a culture of sharing and benevolence coupled with humility and obedience to God, with the support of the premier proponent of public service towards all humanity, Bro. Eli Soriano of the program Ang Dating Daan and Presiding Minister of the Members of the Church of God International (MCGI).

On top of all his achievements, Kuya Daniel is quick to reiterate that everything he is doing, he does for the honor and glory of God.

Written By: Tess Carcamo

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