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Missed out on a Kuya Daniel  update? Read it here.

March 3, 2009 the People’s Choice in the 11th PWA

February 16, 2009
Test Broadcast 2 reunites courageous broadcasters

December 23, 2008
The Artist behind the Public Servant

October 22, 2008
The Time for Their Lives

July 18, 2008
Canadian IPTV Airs Kuya Daniel Razon’s Morning Public Service Show, UNTV Programs

June 25, 2008
Razon Receives Awit Awards Best New Male Artist Nom

November 4, 2008
Philippine TV network gives indigent Filipinos their first taste of a free transient home

August 25, 2008
Philippine’s public service man top pick to win new performing artist award in a local music tilt

July 18, 2008
Canadian IPTV Airs Philippine UNTV programs, Razon’s Good Morning Kuya

July 15, 2008
Philippine TV network hosts biggest public service effort

July 9, 2008
Singapore Flyer Releases Short-listed Photo tilt finalists

June 30, 2008
Razon Receives Awit Awards Best New Male Artist Nom

December 4, 2007
Daniel Razon’s “All My Life” Concert a huge hit; fans and supporters unfazed by Pen siege, heavy traffic jam

November 24, 2007
UNTV 37, Daniel Razon win Best Website, People’s Choice at 10th Philippine Web Awards

November 8, 2007
Mr. Public Service gives “All My Life” benefit concert

October 31, 2007 is now local web tilt finalist; to compete with Web sites of Manny Pacquiao, Alaska Aces

Trail Mix

March 4, 2009Looking Beyond and Finding the Meaning of Life

February 27, 2009“Isang Araw Lang,” sabi ni Kuya Daniel

February 7, 2009 – Mar Roxas in UNTV’s “Spotlight” with Daniel Razon

January 28, 2009Awesome Intention = Amazing Concert

November 11, 2008Daniel Razon, Simbolo ng tunay na serbisyo publiko

September 13, 2008Sa Barangay Ni Kuya Daniel

June 17, 2008Daniel Razon’s All My Life Album: A certified double Platinum Record

November 25, 2007UNTV, Razon, Soriano sites top 10th Philippine Web Awards

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