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Kuya Daniel on… At Last!

The updates… the archives… the photos… all here… at last!

To all of Kuya Daniel Razon’s fans, to all who wish to know what’s new about the Philippines’ very own Mr. Public Service, is here for you!

Did you know that Kuya won an international photography contest?

Did you know that Kuya can not only sing well, but can also dance dashingly?

Well, we do. And with this fan blog, you will too!

But “Hey” if you know something we don’t that’s a must for all fans, or if you have any suggestions to make this blog fan-friendlier, talk to us. We would love to hear from you.

Write to us at

“At last… my lonely days are over. And life is like a song… at last.”

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  1. 03/30/2009 8:41 am

    Wow! How I wish I could interview him personally one of these days.

    Though I’ve seen him in person for so many occasions during his concert, at UNTV, at the Araneta, and such other places where I had the chance, I could not find a courage to approach him and ask him, how he can perfectly manage to do all the charitable works and public services he is doing, despite his being so busy in taking care of the brethren’s needs worldwide, and, still maintaining his good looks and composure.

    Also, even the wealthiest politicians in our country could not do the same things as Mr. Public Service, Bro. Daniel S. Razon is doing. His consistent good works is not even publicized like what the politicians in our country, where a mere giving of sardines and noodles for one time is so much given overkill publicity by paid media men. Haaayyy…..

    Keep up the good works Mr. Public Service. I know you’re a blessed man and God will always be there for you.

  2. cargolzup permalink
    03/31/2009 8:09 am

    kuya daniel at last on wordpress! YAY!=) yes, kuya daniel can dance dashingly and he looks terrific!

    we love Mr. Public Service kuya daniel, woohoo!

    great blog! Kudos to kuya for winning the People’s Choice Award in 11th Phil Web Awards and for an awesome photo exhibit, Looking Beyond. I hope there’s more to come!

  3. 04/03/2009 8:40 am

    For me, that award is not even enough. He deserves more than that. I believe, the greatest award for Mr. Public Service will be bestowed on him, soon.

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