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Ang Dating Daan at 36: A Blessing to Many People Around the World



“Doing good deed will reap no evil.”

This is the motto echoed by UNTV News and Rescue as the raison d etre of its numerous public services. But keen observers and followers of Members Church of God International (MCGI) know where this quote originated – Bro. Eli Soriano, the host of radio-TV program Ang Dating Daan.

Promoting Goodwill to All Men

Ang Dating Daan may be known as a religious program hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano, but one of the core efforts that it campaigns for and supports are the numerous advocacies of government agencies, private and non-governmental organizations and the media, like UNTV News and Rescue.

Bro. Eli, Overall Servant to MCGI, through his congregation known as the Ang Dating Daan group, makes sure that his charitable foundation are able to help indigents of the society, and the needy regardless of their religious affiliations and race.

Only recently, the group received a Jose Rizal Dugong Bayani Award in recognition of its over 5,500 blood units donated in 2016 alone, as reported by UNTV News and Rescue.

Ang Dating Daan is recognized by the Philippine Red Cross and Philippine Blood Society for its massive blood drives held over four times annually, both nationwide and abroad.

As ‘First Bloodiest Awardee’ (2014) in the religious category, the group continues its endeavors in blood donation campaign.

Mega Medical Missions and Public Service

Many of UNTV Public Service Channel projects are well-supported by the group, such as the recent celebration of Kuya Daniel Razon’s 33rd year of service to God and humanity. It has been called as a Mega-Medical Mission due to the scope of the charitable endeavor across the Philippines and some parts of the world last November 28 through to November 30 this year.

In celebration of Razon’s 33rd Year Service to God and Humanity, 33 Socio-civic charities, including medical missions, blood drives and community services were rendered through the partnership of UNTV and Ang Dating Daan.

MCGI volunteers all over the world dedicated acts of socio-civic services, whether it be in the form of medical missions, community-building projects or charity.

In line with advocacies that are truly nation-building and a service to society, Ang Dating Daan, led by Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel, continues to participate in government-recognized projects and advocacies.

Kuya Daniel himself has helped found and establish Ang Dating Daan projects like the ‘Libreng Sakay’ free bus in the metro, and the first Transient Homes in the Philippines. Both Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel are supporting the schooling of college students in the La Verdad Christian College Apalit and Caloocan branches.

By combining religious broadcasting with public service and causes, Ang Dating Daan has established itself as a unique purveyor of sincere broadcasting of truth while genuinely relentless in spreading good will through good works for fellowmen.

Small-town Bible Studies to Global Evangelization

“From the start of the program – though there have been many hindrances, we can say that with the help and mercy of God – Ang Dating Daan has come a long, long way,” once stressed by Kuya Daniel Razon during the show’s 34th Anniversary in Araneta Coliseum.

Bro. Eli’s iconic Worldwide Bible Expositions and popular segments of ‘Biblia Ang Sasagot: Itanong Mo Kay Soriano’ has its humble beginnings in the small-town Bible Study gatherings.

It was only in 1980 when it leapt to radio and television broadcasting. Today, it even airs its programming via Facebook Live streaming and the World Wide Web.

Veteran broadcast journalist Kuya Daniel Razon was part of the initial three-man production team of Ang Dating Daan, which started airing on radio in 1980 and on TV in 1983.

Ang Dating Daan (‘The Old Path’) is being aired today via UNTV News and Rescue channel in many countries including Europe and the Americas. Its 24-hour broadcast are available via its websites, Youtube channel, and mobile app MCGI Broadcast on smartphones.

Now, at 36 years, it is not surprising that the fruits of good work will only grow and flourish with the help and mercy of God.

Congratulations Ang Dating Daan or The Old Path on your 36th year. To God be the Glory!

Written by: Ma. Therese Quita

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