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Kuya Daniel Razon Inspires OFWs in “Isang Araw” Movie Premiere in Hong Kong


Mr. Public Service Kuya Daniel Razon, in the special movie première of Isang Araw “One Day” held on March 02 in Hong Kong,  served as an inspiration to our fellow Filipinos working abroad especially the household workers who were given only one day-off on their work.

“Well, kagaya ng lagi nating sinasabi gugulin natin ang pangingibang bayan natin na nananatili ang takot natin sa Panginoon and of course lagi nating isipin na nasa ibang bayan tayo hindi natin ito sariling bansa kaya talagang marami tayong haharapin na pagtitiis at pagsubok pero lagi tayong  huwag makakalimot na dumalangin at magtiwala sa magagawa ng Dios sa buhay natin dahil iyon ang pinakamahalaga sa buhay ng isang tao.”,BMPI-UNTV CEO and Chairman Daniel Razon said. (Well, as we have always said, let us spend the time of our sojourning in another country in fear of the Lord and, of course, always think that we are in a country, which is not ours.  So, we will certainly face sufferings and trials, but, let us not forget to pray and trust in what God can do in our lives because that’s the most important thing in a person’s life.)

The sequel to the Isang Araw Lang advocacy film shown in 2009 is a heartwarming story of a jeepney driver (Kuya Daniel) who is a kind benefactor for an orphanage. His good deeds motivate others to do the same. However, there are those that use hypocritical deeds only for popularity and profit.

In the story, PJ Avellana, who acted as a power-hungry politician, tried to take over and endanger Kuya Daniel’s and his pals’ life. Still, Kuya Daniel held onto his principles of not repaying wrong deed for another evil deed. This is the central thought that propelled the story forward.

Isang Araw “One Day” the Movie, is part of Kuya Daniel’s advocacy to help others, whereby he provides free public services not only in the Philippines but in different parts of the world.

Movie supporters turned up in HongKong from Macau, Shanghai, Taiwan, Mongolia and Singapore to watch this touching Philippine movie.

The next sequel is expected to have a more conflicting twist and turns, more valuable lessons and greater scope of production that movie enthusiasts will surely embrace and love.

Written By: Carmi Tongol – Anecito

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(VIDEO: UNTV news posted on Youtube)

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