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UNTV Uses Drone Technology For Public Service


“If there are those who use it for evil, we use technology for public service,” told Mr. Public Service Kuya Daniel Razon

Drone is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. In the other countries, drone technology is widely used in various fields such as making documentaries, news, and films, to name a few.  Others use these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to exterminate rivals and win wars. UNTV, however, takes advantage of drones to help and better inform the public.

UNTV, your public service channel, is the first media network in the Philippines that has employed drones in news casting.

We are the first to use these [drones] in news reporting in the Philippines,” said BMPI-UNTV CEO and Chairman 
Daniel Razon.

The station also eyes using drone on its rescue operations. It is to be recalled that Kuya Daniel, through UNTV, has launched Tulong Muna Bago Balita (Rescue First, Report Later) which puts life-saving efforts on priority over being the first to deliver the news.

Currently, UNTV uses this technology to let the public see a panoramic aerial view of events on its news and traffic reporting.

The network first deployed the drones  to document the extent of damage by the super typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas region last year and to monitor movement of the huge crowd in the annual festivity at Quiapo, Manila earlier this year.


(VIDEO from UNTV news posted on Youtube | PHOTO: UNTV Facebook Page)

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