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Tulong Muna Bago Balita of Kuya Daniel Razon is First in Philippine TV History



MANILA, Philippines – Kuya Daniel Razon (left) receives the Movie Writers Welfare Foundation Gawad ng Pagkilala Award from Movie Writers Welfare Foundation (MWWF) president Emy Abuan last Aug. 5 in his UNTV Program Good Morning Kuya.

The news and rescue advocacy of Kuya Daniel aptly called Tulong Muna, Bago Balita was dubbed by MWWF as a first in TV history.

Abuan summarized the many accomplishments of Kuya Daniel Razon by saying, “We have given him this well-deserved award for his people-centered advocacy, which includes free education, free medical-dental clinics, Libre Sakay, news and rescue service and lately, Tulong Muna, Bago Pasada.

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DOING something “useful” for the bad incidents rather than just making news out of them is what Daniel Razon’s advocacy as a TV newscaster.

We have been bombarded everyday by bad news in trimedia that are depressing to hear (radio), read (newspaper) or watch (TV).

Often those bad news create negativity in us the whole day. Thanks to Kuya Daniel Razon for producing a news program that’s not only a source of information, but rather conveys hope to the televiewing public that there is something we can do to address bad news.

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BROADCASTER Daniel Razon received the Movie Writers Welfare Foundation Gawad ng Pagkilala award from MWFF President Emy Abuan on his UNTV Program “Good Morning Kuya.“

The news and rescue advocacy of UNTV’s Daniel Razon aptly called “Tulong Muna, Bago Balita“ was dubbed by the Movie Writers Welfare Foundation as a first in television history.

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MANILA, Philippines – Kinilala ng Movie Writers Welfare Foundation (MWWF) ang news and rescue advocacy ni Kuya Daniel Razon na “Tulong Muna, Bago Balita” bilang kauna-unahan sa kasaysayan ng telebisyon.

Lunes ng umaga, personal na ipinagkaloob ni MWWF president Emy Abuan kay Kuya Daniel ang isang plaque bilang pagkilala sa magaganda nitong adbokasiya para sa kapakanan ng publiko.

Pahayag ng MWWF president, “Ipinagkakaloob din namin ‘yung award dahil sa magagandang adbokasiya nya like ‘yung libreng sakay, libreng edukasyon, yung clinic nya, at tsaka yung news and rescue, yung tulong muna bago balita at ito na nga yung huling na tulong muna bago pasada”

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