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WordPress and Blogspot bloggers have their say on UNTV’s 9th Year


On UNTV’s 9th anniversary, WordPress and Blogspot bloggers share their thoughts on the web about UNTV as a champion in tv programming and public service.

UNTV on its 9th Year – Inspiring Change, Building Better Communities

UNTV – Your Public Service Channel is celebrating its ninth year in service to the people this July with the theme: “Inspiring Change, Building Better Communities.

It is indeed true that UNTV has been the most innovative station in terms of social services, charity works and intelligent program options in Philippine television. A station founded in 2004, UNTV’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Daniel Razon has been the mind behind a vast number of original concepts, programs as well as projects aired on UNTV.

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Some History of UNTV

What was meant by the enemy for evil was turned into good and is bearing fruit in many areas. Here is a little history of how and why UNTV began.

There was a Church in the Philippines that claimed to teach the truth but actually when you weigh their works it does not line up to what they claim to be. This is what they did to Kuya Daniel Razon. They threatened to boycott GMA 7 news channel that Kuya Daniel Razon was a newscaster for if they did not silence him from preaching the truth according to the Bible. GMA7 took the threat and asked Kuya Daniel Razon ‘to not preach to the Congregation any longer’ (though his preaching was not during working hours) in order to keep his job.

Instead of heeding to their requests Kuya Daniel Razon resigned from GMA7. This is what he said, ‘I would rather lose my job than my faith and my God.’ After some time passed, UNTV was born.

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Happy 9th, UNTV!

All in all, UNTV is not your regular television channel brimming with mucky, overrated soap-operas or foreign-based gameshows. UNTV is all about genuine public service without hidden motives. True public service, which in consideration, is actually hard to do because of the scarce resource condition of our country. Yet, UNTV pushes on, armed with God’s guidance and a chock full of talented people, as well as those avid watchers who never fail to support.

So kudos to UNTV for celebrating its 9th Anniversary this July! Kudos to Our Public Service Channel!

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Why ‘Your Intelligent Alternative’ Remains a Smart Channel Choice (Part 1)

From a UHF channel unheard of by most Filipinos, UNTV now equates to many as a clinic, an educational institution, a refuge. It’s slew of public services that start two hours before daybreak make it a trailblazer in what a network can really do for the public. That is, apart from smart programming.

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The Public Service Continues As UNTV Reaches 9th Anniversary

Its program listing comprises a variety of television shows that are interesting enough to tickle our attention and inspirational enough to satisfy our appetite for enlightening and at the same time entertaining broadcasts. Some of its well-known programs include “Good Morning Kuya”, “Get It Straight with Daniel Razon”, “Manibela”, “Munting Pangarap”, “Klasrum”, “Polwatch”, and “Ang Dating Daan”.

UNTV is also the station that comes into the picture when talking about all-out public service. From the freely given medical, dental, legal and transport services to the inventive mobile-based clinics, educational classrooms and driving and livelihood academy to the ground-breaking Tulong Muna Bago Balita (Rescue First, Report Later) to the establishment of La Verdad Christian School and College, the only academic institution that offers 100% free education, it certainly covers almost all aspects of humanitarian development.

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9 on the 9th: Nine Reasons Why UNTV is Inspiring Change and Building Better Communities

Just one year shy of a decade, UNTV 37 has successfully redefined Philippine public service – and is continuing to do so on a daily basis. In a short span of time, a television network has become something more than just a mere media presence. It has become something that the country desperately needed – a real, no-nonsense public service machine like no other.

In celebration of its nine years of Inspiring Change and Building Better Communities on the air and in the lives of Filipinos, we count down nine of the reasons why UNTV stays true to being the Philippines’ undisputed public service network.

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Cheers to Nine Years, UNTV!

For nine years in the industry of broadcasting, UNTV has been many household’s “intelligent alternative” through providing a unique line up of programs that has its viewers’ welfare prioritized. It also is a child-friendly and family-oriented network that almost only offers shows with General Patronage content.

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UNTV, Nine Strong Years of Public Service

Although UNTV has always been a public service oriented station, the most influential advocacy of the station came on February 2009, when the campaign ‘Isang Araw Lang‘ emerged at Kuya Daniel’s very own show Good Morning Kuya. Daniel together with a few veteran broadcasters was talking about the predicament of poor Filipinos and how and who should help them.

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UNTV unveils plans on carrying out its 9th year theme: “Inspiring Change, Building Better Communities”

UNTV-BMPI CEO Daniel Razon revealed some of the TV station’s projects in fulfilling the theme of the station “Inspiring Change, Building Better Communities”.

“We are expanding our public services, we want to reach out to more people. We started out on a smaller scope, now we are already going to the communities.” said Razon.

One of the focus of UNTV this year is to improve its free public health services by distributing UNTV Philhealth coupons to indigents in remote communities of the country.

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UNTV’s Ninth Year Direction: Nowhere But Up

From the first year to the ninth, UNTV and its partner in charitable undertakings, Members Church of God International led by Presiding Minister Bro.Eli Soriano, have consistently launched and sustained many projects that address social problems linked to poverty, health, social welfare and safety and security.

To prove that, during the celebration of their 9th year anniversary at the Makati Shangri La Plaza last July 19, UNTV CEO, Mr.Public Service Daniel Razon, announced new projects and programs up for launching this year and the next.

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It’s More Beneficial in the Philippines: A New Brand of Healthcare Reform Powered by UNTV’s Unique Public Service Firsts

While democrats and republicans are still battling it out on the famous Obamacare, debating whether if it’s a good idea or otherwise, a man with a big heart somewhere in the small yet beautiful islands of the Philippines is busy bringing his own brand of healthcare reform in his homeland.

The man behind this is Daniel Razon, broadcast journalist and CEO of Breakthroughs and Milestones Productions, Inc and UNTV and he is bringing free healthcare to Filipinos who need it most – in all parts of the country. This is part of what was announced on the 9th anniversary of UNTV 37 on July 18, 2013.

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UNTV Begins the Journey to its Tenth Anniversary with Fresh Charitable Services

Taking public service to a higher level has always been the job of UNTV, a television station commemorating its 9th anniversary this month. As the countdown towards the celebration of its first decade in broadcast industry commences, it launches its first wave of newest campaigns and projects.

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UNTV on its 9th Fruitful Year in Public Service

I am all aware of the social media issues. Good thing there is a singled out television station who detoured from the customary shows. UNTV 37 on its 9th year continues to bring quality shows that promote:

  • Values
  • Public Service
  • Education
  • Uncoated News for Social Awareness

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