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UNTV on its 9th Year as an Intelligent Choice on TV Keeps Viewers Out of the Mainstream


Family and biblically-oriented shows + intensified public services, a wonderful formula further speeded up by the two catalysts Kuya Daniel Razon and Bro. Eli Soriano, equals UNTV, the only channel which takes television viewers all out of the tiring mainstream Philippine media.

Daniel Razon, UNTV celebrate nine years in public service

UNTV celebrates 9th year of inspiring change and building better communities.

As what its advocacy plug is saying “Tahanan mo, Tahanan natin,” UNTV is basically a home and a family. And just like what a family does, UNTV aims to “inspire change and build better communities.”  Through its programs that showcase every aspect of being a good citizen and through its advocacies and public services that serve as good examples to everyone’s eyes, UNTV fulfills its main goal and that is to stop mediocrity – the main goal that it has been doing with God’s help, now, for nine years.

With earning much profit as the normal trade of almost all television networks, the true goal and sense of Philippine media as the voice and arm of the masses has declined over the years. Television has now become more of an entertainment than a source of information. It has become an avenue of explicit negative influences instead of being a reservoir of good manners and right conduct. UNTV, however, stays true and committed to the practice of sincere public service. It is one network that shows television is not just for primetime dramas and noontime variety shows.

Daniel Razon, UNTV celebrates 9th year in Public Service

UNTV is home to intelligent television programs for 9 years now.

The analogy doesn’t stop there. As a home, UNTV is truly for all ages and for all interests.  From our little kids to people in their late age, UNTV got something for you. KNC Show teaches kids to enhance their talents and learn moral values from the Bible; KLASRUM gives valuable pieces of advice to everyday problems of a common teenager; Good Morning Kuya! peps up the day of the early-risers; Get It Straight with Daniel Razon heats up the morning politically-inclined individuals; and Bread n’ Butter takes travel and business-minded people to a wide range of opportunities in entrepreneur and leisure. With shows like Itanong mo kay Soriano: Biblia ang Sasagot and Ang Dating Daan, UNTV also feeds viewers with programs that enrich their spiritual beings.

It has been nine years of giving us the best… nine years of teaching us more wisdom… nine years of inspiring us… and nine years of being our Home and Family. Thank God there’s UNTV. Thank God UNTV opens its door for us.

Happy 9th year UNTV!

By Daryleene Evasco

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  1. 07/21/2013 3:44 pm

    Happy 9th year UNTV! To God be the Glory!!!

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