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ASOP Finalists Dish Out Song Writing Tips for Aspiring Composers

ASOP TV Grand Finals with Kuya Daniel Razon

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Budding song writers for ASOP TV’s second season can definitely learn a thing or two from last season’s grand finalists. If you’re still looking for inspiration, or figuring out where to start in song writing, look no further. Six of the previous season’s finalists shared with us their song writing tips which all helped them land a spot in A Song of Praise Music Festival 2012’s Grand Finals at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last September 24, 2012. When asked what they would advice to aspiring songwriters for ASOP TV, here’s what they have to say:

Marlon Nabia of the song “Sa’Yo” (Song interpreted by Marielle Corpuz) “Let God be the center of your song. If you had past experiences that you think many people will be able to relate to, just let it all out in your song. Regarding the melody, it helps if you can play musical instruments but if you can’t, you may definitely seek assistance from someone who can so that the music will blend well with your words.”

Gerwin Villa of the song “Purihin Ka ng Aking Luha” (Song interpreted by Jayson Fernandez) “You can think of a theme where the whole song will revolve in. I personally used the Bible as my reference to give my song a story. Based on what I learned from the ASOP judges’ criticisms, it is important that the melody of your song has a recall – or the ability to be remembered easily by the listeners.”

ASOP TV Grand Finals wih Kuya Daniel Razon

Photo by Fans of Kuya Daniel

Rigor Jay Arellano for the song “I Will Still Praise You” (Song interpreted by Gretchen Espina) “Based on what I learned from an awesome composer that I personally admire, Kuya Daniel Razon, a song of praise should come from the heart. It is an outpouring of what you would like to say to God and from that, you’ll be able to create the central message of the song. Sincerity matters so much because the song will radiate it. I also learned from Kuya Daniel that when it comes to song-writing for God, we should do our best because God deserves the best.”

Jaime Enriquez, winner of People’s Choice Award for “Pagibig ay Dios” (Song interpreted by Renz Verano) “I started writing adaptation songs. I listen to popular songs, observe them carefully and from there, I create my own music. I find it easier to create the melody first before writing lyrics because once you’ve created a great melody; you can move your words around so that they will fit in perfectly. Your melody and lyrics are like husband and wife; they need to work with each other. My inspiration comes from the Bible and things that I learned through Bro. Eli Soriano of The Old Path.”

Domingo Rosco, 2nd runner-up winner for the song “Puso kong Nabuksan” (Song interpreted by Catherine Loria) “Writing from the heart does wonders. This is the first time I wrote a song and I wrote it from my heart. That’s basically what I did and I’m very thankful to God because I never thought it would bring me here in the Grand Finals!”

ASOP TV Grand Finals with Kuya Daniel Razon

Photo by Fans of Kuya Daniel

Anton Estrella Jr., winner of ASOP TV Song of the Year 2012 title for the song, “Purihin Mo ang Dios, O Pilipinas” (Song interpreted by Gail Blanco) “The best tip I can give them is to always watch ASOP TV. Just by watching the show, you’ll be able to pick up a lot of information which can help any songwriter to improve his craft. I learned a lot from ASOP TV because the judges are some of the most serious authorities in the Philippine music industry that’s why their comments, tips and suggestions regarding the song entries each week are bits of precious knowledge about music. The way how songs are scrutinized by the judges in ASOP are very educational.”

The ASOP TV album is distributed for free. You may also listen to or download your favorite ASOP songs through the ASOP TV website.

The A Song of Praise Music Festival (ASOP TV) airs Sundays at 7PM on UNTV or via live webcast through   (Contributed by Stacey Tee II)

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  1. Abel Suing permalink*
    10/04/2012 6:05 am

    Go Mr. Rigor Arellano! Ikaw ang panalo sa aming puso! and More power to ASOP organizers and participants, Thanks be to God for this unique program created by Mr. Public Service – Kuya Daniel Razon and Bro. Eli Soriano. Praise the Lord! A program dedicated for the Glory of God! Thanks be to God!

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