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Kuya Daniel Calls for More Praise Songs


Kuya Daniel Razon at A Song of Praise Grand Finals

“It is high time for more songs of praise be made for our Creator”, singer-composer Kuya Daniel Razon pointed out while revisiting the theme of A Song of Praise (ASOP) Music Festival.

Such a strong turn of phrase caught the ears of thousands of people filling the seats of Smart-Araneta Coliseum and attending last night’s ASOP Music Festival Grand Finals. Kuya Daniel reminded everyone on how ASOP started and how the world has seen its birth. He mentioned Bro. Eli of Members of Church of God International as the man behind ASOP.

In Bro. Eli’s keynote speech following Kuya Daniel’s short introduction of him, he remarked on how people come up with songs for everything and anything in this world. “But we lack songs of praise”, he emphasized.  Bro. Eli inspired the audience with a Biblical truth telling that the oldest music is of a kind like a song of praise – and there lies the theme of ASOP – to encourage people to write and to compose songs dedicated to God Almighty.

It is through ASOP that Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel invite everyone to exalt our Creator by arranging more and more praise songs. They both envision these songs being in the mainstream of popular music, being sung by everyone and known by all.

And to do so, the album containing twelve original songs of praise is being distributed in CDs at no cost – an effort of making them available to the public. Those songs have been heard during the night’s featured performances of our country’s pure talents interpreting the music pieces.

The night ended with having Mr. Antonio Estrella, Jr.’s  “Purihin Mo ang Dios, O Pilipinas” declared as Song of the Year 2012.   (By Neil Kristofer Dizon)

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