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Sincerity: The key to effective public service – Daniel Razon


Sincerity + Love + Faith = Effective Public Service, says Kuya Daniel – For a non-government official like Daniel Razon, his helping up to 280,000 poor people from July 2007 to July of this year is a feat in public service. Through his public service morning magazine show at UNTV, what he has accomplished as a private individual is remarkable considering that his projects are non-government funded.

Daniel Razon is a broadcast journalist and host of Good Morning Kuya, the TV show known to have started several legendary advocacies for change.

Out of these hundred thousands recipients, 151,293 patients across the country received medication at no cost from Kuya Daniel’s in-house and mobile clinics; over 2,650 people obtained free legal advice through his law center; and some 116,064 commuters have availed free buses and jeepney rides.

The first-ever Transient Home in the Philippines located in Metro Manila has sheltered nearly 16,000 transients. Started in 2009 and the youngest among the projects, the free private college education program of Kuya Daniel has sent 396 deserving but poor students to school.

What could be his secret? Is there a secret recipe to doing public service?

Kuya Daniel Razon believes that sincerity is his key to doing public service, emphasizing that one does not have to be a politician to become a public servant. “Sincerity is doing everything with love and faith,” said Daniel Razon in an interview with reporters.

He explained that public service is like cooking a food; if it is not delicious, then one should not cook it. The same principle applies to doing social works according to him.

“If you do something and you are not sincere, you will be the loser. If you did something good yet insincere, that’s going to be pure disadvantage,” the veteran broadcast journalist added. “It’s very important to be sincere in what you do. It doesn’t matter whether people will recognize what you are doing as long as you are sincere. Do it without any other motives.”

Known for his Kahit Isang Araw Lang (Just One Day) advocacy that renders social services to everyone and encourages others to do the same, Kuya Daniel Razon earned the title as the Philippines’ Mr. Public Service. As Kuya Daniel, he is like a big brother who readily offers assistance and who always finds ways to provide the need of his younger siblings.

Through UNTV, Kuya Daniel has pioneered several public services in the Philippines and continues to address the socio-economic and health conditions of the neglected indigents in the society. For six years now, UNTV guarantees the fast and timely delivery of these projects through its daily programs. These efforts also made UNTV the pillar of public service in Philippine television.

Among his pioneering projects in the country are the free train, free bus and jeepney rides, transient homes, and free private elementary, secondary, and tertiary education. Through his Good Morning Kuya program at UNTV, he initiated a medical and mobile clinic.

The Clinic ni Kuya that the UNTV host piloted is located at the Kamanggagawa Foundation in Metro Manila. Today, there are more than five branches of the clinic in other major cities in the country offering medical assistance for the indigents. The Kilos ni Kuya, a medical assistance project, on the other hand takes charge of the medical services through its roving clinics.

Kuya Daniel’s care for the poor is reflected in the way that he makes sure that both health projects offer complete medical assistance – from check-up to laboratories to medicines, which is something unlikely to be offered in private and government-sponsored medical missions.

For the Good Morning Kuya host, his concern for people extends to the elderly and the marginalized. He believes that no one who asked for help should be neglected. To work his talk, he helped establish charity homes for the elderly. He also helps the poor by granting small wishes that offers livelihood assistance. Kuya Daniel also provides free legal assistance for those who seek justice but could not afford legal and attorney’s fees and expenses.

For all these community services, Kuya Daniel gets his inspiration from his uncle and leader. Growing up in a family of cooks, he imitated his recipe from Bro. Eli Soriano whom he considered as the best chef in the world. Like his uncle, Kuya Daniel feeds people both of material and spiritual foods.

Bro. Eli Soriano is the presiding minister of the Members Church of God International, more popularly known by its TV program, Ang Dating Daan (ADD).

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