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Kuya Daniel named as Intelligent Optimist by Netherlands-based Mag


In its search for people who are leading the way to a better future for everyone, Netherlands-based Ode Magazine found veteran broadcast journalist Kuya Daniel Razon.

His fervor to abet the indigents and to motivate others to do good even for just a day inspired the staff of the magazine and prompted them to choose his nomination as the Intelligent Optimist under the Education category.

For 26 years, Kuya Daniel continues his genuine advocacy of helping the needy. Today, he is known as the Philippines’ Mr. Public Service for having a big heart for the people.

From Ode Magazine’s Online Publication:

My nominee, Daniel Razon, is a veteran broadcast journalist in the Philippines but his name is recognizable because of his advocacy for change, Kahit Isang Araw Lang (Even for Just One Day) and his numerous public service projects for many people.

For over 26th years in this endeavor, he’s launched several key projects. Among them are as follows:

Free for all Clinic – Located at the groundfloor of a TV network where he is working, this clinic offers free medical assistance for anyone who needs it. Starting at 4:45 A.M. every weekday, volunteer medical experts are there to provide assistance to anyone who walks through its doors.

A Law Center – A team composed of lawyers and paralegal staff is most willing and able to be consulted and give sound legal advice to the poor-for free. Working from as early as 4:45 A.M. every weekday, this law center aims to advance equal rights to help the indigents get the justice they deserve less the usual worry over fees.

Libreng Sakay (Free Ride) Project – A free bus ride project provide public commuters fare-free ride from Baclaran to Monumento and vice versa. Commuters on the free bus ride are also served with food and Bibles. For the elderly or Senior Citizens, there is the free ride at a Metro Rail Transit. Senior citizens who are patrons of the MRT are eligible for a single-journey (one-way) ticket for free.

Munting Pangarap (Small Dream) – Filipinos dreaming of having a small business to propel their lives towards success are the ones helped by this project, Daniel Razon is the leading light behind this admirable endeavor of giving impoverished individuals a new start at life. The project provides these poor people with any humble help that may kickstart their new business, locate a lost son or daughter, and more. Munting Pangarap pins hope to those it helps for them to live a decent life and inspire others to do the same.

Medical Missions – Daniel Razon understands that not all can come to his clinic at UNTV for free medical care. That’s why he brings it to them. From the poor in remote provinces to professionals in the media industry, Razon’s medical mission continues with his Mobile Clinic. In cooperation with UNTV and a religious group, he brings professional medical care to indigents and industrious individuals on a regular basis.

Recently, he launched a free college education program to help deserving college students. With this program, Daniel Razon makes sure that every scholars of this program will enjoy zero tuition fees and their food and lodging are well provided as well.

For his support to the members of the press and to fight for the advocacy of media freedom and responsibility, Razon is yearly launching a project that will provide free scholarships to the families of journalists killed in the line of duty. Recently, he helped the families of the media men who were killed in the brutal Maguindanao Massacre, considered the darkest moment in the history of journalism and reporting.

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