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Concert to honor slain mediamen in Maguindanao held


Exactly 13 days after the brutal killing in Maguindanao, we heard Kuya Daniel uttered these words during the burial of UNTV media man, Daniel Tiamzon,  “This not the end of our fight. We’ll continue to fight and call for justice.”

As part of the efforts for justice in the Maguindanao case, Protest Broadcast 3 was successfuly held at the Araneta Coliseum. More or less 20,000 supporters covered the Big Dome with media people from different media industries.

One of the four UNTV media men killed in Maguindanao was a BREAD (Bible Readers Society) International member. BREAD, with the cooperation of UNTV37 and Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI), spearheaded the event. The event is not the usual protest we hear on streets.

Here is an excerpt of the article published in CNN iReport.

Protests can be riotous and lethal like the one occurring in Thailand. However there is a different kind of protest that recently took place in the Philippines. This protest condemns human rights violations and media-killings through a concert called Protest Broadcast 3. This was supported by an estimate of 20,000 individuals both of prominent personalities and ordinary citizens.

Read article here.

The event was a-concert-for-a-cause for the benefit of those bereaved families of the victims. The proceeds were given to the bereaved families for financial and educational assistance.

Legendary singers, Gary Granada, Lolita Carbon of ASIN, Noel Cabangon and Joey Ayala were some of the performers who supported the concert’s noble cause. They serenaded the viewers together with Kuya Daniel.

The awareness of the people was awakened through songs sung by the performers. Most of the songs depict the plight of poor Filipinos and calls to the government for action and change. The songs patently conveyed messages related to the Maguindanao massacre case.

The concert only proves that protests can be done in peace. More importantly, it not only helped the bereaved families of the victims, but also the viewers to be aware of what happens in our society.

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