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Kuya Daniel Razon – a driver in control – Manila Bulletin


Daniel Razon has been a household name for many years, being one of the best broadcasters in the country, transitioning from radio to television.

He is a talented photographer, having produced two coffee table books in a span of one year, and several successful photo exhibits in the metro.

He is also a singer whose first commercial album received a gold label in just one day, and a platinum award only three months after.

A promising director and actor whose directorial-debut was a hit in different parts of the globe, he also was given several thumbs up for a different kind of movie offered to the people.

He is also a sportsman, having tried and mastered almost all sports there is.

He is now prominently known as Mr. Public Service, spearheading unique charitable projects such as the Libreng Sakay Bus, Libreng Sakay sa MRT for Senior Citizens, daily medical missions in Clinic ni Kuya with free medicines from Botika ni Kuya, Libreng Sakay sa Eroplano College Education and many more.

And this time, Kuya Daniel will unleash yet another innate skill never before seen by the public eye. With the onset of “Manibela,” a unique kind of automotive show that will leave you in awe, another side of Kuya Daniel will be shed in a different light – as a driver in control – a driver who has the power to steer his life into meaningful adventures, while instilling a heart for public service.

“Manibela” – the newest TV show on UNTV show on Sundays – offering another breakthrough in automotive programming with a different twist of public service, is another ingenious idea of Kuya Daniel Razon. It doesn’t just talk about the realities of life as seen by the person behind the steering wheel and introduces new avenues in reaching out to help different types of motorists.

The driver in him taught him to be on defense mode when behind the wheel, someone who’s responsible for every swerve of his car, for every step he makes on his brakes, for every clinking cries his engine makes, for every moment within his peripheral vision – always bringing with him backpack of resources – not just tools – but presence of mind,  knowledge and understanding about the vehicle he drives, the measures he takes to ensure that the roads and the people crossing it are safe, and the proper coordination of his mind, emotions and body.

Learning to drive on his own at a surprisingly early age of 10, it comes to show that the talent and passion for driving have been running in Kuya Daniel’s veins for decades. All of these he relates to life, always thinking that wisdom are present in everything that you try to do and those that you do best.

Now, with over 30 years of driving experience and exposure in charitable works, Kuya Daniel is definitely your credible resource person when it comes to motoring, this time, uniquely fused with public service. And on top of these, on his new television program, get to know Kuya Daniel as one inspiring driver who will never run short of beautiful wisdom to share.

Join Kuya Daniel in a new venture in the world of motoring and public service in one explosive program – only on “Manibela.” – Manila Bulletin


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