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Once again, Kuya Daniel’s noble intentions have proven to be successful. It has been a chance for the artists to support the Isang Araw Lang Campaign advocacy.  We are re-posting here an article from his website.

Fans of Kuya Daniel

Fans of Kuya Daniel

Update from Mr. Public Service’s Official Site

Mindless of the bad weather, art enthusiasts stormed the Tala Gallery to support the latest art exhibit for a cause of Kuya Daniel Razon.

Titled Brush and Shutter, the exhibit showcased Kuya Daniel’s photos rendered on canvas by Tala Gallery artists, from September 28-30, 2009. The event is for the benefit of the soon-to-rise La Verdad Christian College (LVCC) in Metro Manila—the first college in the Philippines to offer Mass Communications and Nursing for free to poor but deserving scholars.

Fresh from relief operations in areas devastated by Typhoon Ketsana, Kuya Daniel arrived ten minutes early for his speech and thanked everyone who came to the exhibit.

Thank you so much. With God’s help we were able to come up with this kind of exhibit. And I hope that all the proceeds of this project will also go to a lot of good things. Thanks as well to the artists. I do not know all of them personally, but God knows all of you.  I know that God will continue touching your hearts in doing good for other people and sharing your God-given talent for those in need,” Kuya Daniel said in his opening speech.

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“Our inspiration always is the good we know.”Kuya Daniel

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