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A poem for Kuya Daniel


A certain poem written for the Kuya ng Bayan touched my heart.

Kuya Daniel is more than a public servant, broadcaster, teacher, musician and photographer. He is a humble servant of God as described in this lovely poem by a blogger/fiction writer, Pol Arellano.

I remember Kuya Daniel’s reminder to use our God-given talents by serving other people for the Glory of God. And that is exactly what he is doing.  In fact, he does everything he could and even more to extend genuine service to all–so genuine that it touches the depths of the human soul, depths that can only be reached by the poet in each of us.

He’s meek, this man; the man who could

And all who walk like he be should

He captures light and traps each beam

And puts the Lord on prime esteem

Good odes he keeps in heart and mind

And teachings of the One most kind

Service, he draws on talent; flair

For those who need the utmost care

How meek! This man, this man who could

And be like he I pray I would

With works of good he mutely plods

He trusts the truth – that praise is God’s


Here is the link of her blog:

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