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A dinner night to remember, a blogger recalls Kuya Daniel’s inspiring thoughts, songs


Kuya Daniel touches people’s lives.

We can learn wisdom from his actions. It is no wonder why our fellow fan and blogger Rose Cemanes shared with us her close encounter with our very own Mr. Public Service, Kuya Daniel Razon.

A Night to Remember with Daniel Razon

by Cemanes

Though more than two years has passed, that night with Mr. Daniel Razon remains fresh in my mind. When we were invited to attend, “An Intimate Dinner Concert with Mr. Public Service, Daniel Razon”, at the Edsa Shangrila Hotel, my husband and I did not hesitate to attend and invite our friends to the said concert. We were so much excited as the D-day was approaching not even thinking how much will we be spending to pay the tickets, since at that time we were short of funds, yet, we desire to invite friends to go with us so they could witness too, the man that we admire. Just the same, we were not hindered by it instead we looked for some other means to be able to glance even just from a distance, this handsome man with a big heart for the poor.

He may not have known us personally, our curiosity stirs us to know more about his person and how come at his young age, he has accomplished many things and helped many people. A true achiever indeed, he has all the admirable traits, one would wish for to have, peculiar as he is, as compared to the youth or young achievers of today, not to mention his handsome and smart looks but foremost his being a Godly person not only in words but in deeds. The most important thing for us on that inspiring night was that, we want to see him up-close and personal and to support him on his projects of splendid and noble purpose. We want to be part of his charity works, in our own little way, to unburden him even for just a minute slice of it.

In my continued research and follow-up of his life and works, Mr. Public Service as he is being called by many, Daniel S. Razon, is the Vice-Presiding Minister of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) popularly known in the Philippines as “Ang Dating Daan (ADD)” or in English, The Old Path (TOP), with his mentor and Presiding Minister, Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano, the phenomenal but most persecuted preacher in the Philippines but who is now overwhelmingly being acclaimed and praised for his unmatched wits and knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, the Bible. Bro. Eli, as he is being called by his brethren, molded Daniel’s character since his childhood.

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We are very proud and thankful to have someone possessing a kind and loving character that we can look up to.

What is more encouraging for each one of us to do good? Kuya Daniel imparts to the people what Bro. Eli has taught him,

“There is no good work that will result to evil.”

Bro. Eli Soriano’s upbringing to Kuya Daniel is totally admirable.

To Cemanes,

Thanks for sharing us something wonderful!

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