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Blogger compares Chief Justice Puno’s Moral Force Movement and the “Isang Araw Lang” campaign


“Walk your talk.”

That is what Kuya Daniel Razon’s Isang Araw Lang campaign tries to impart to his fellowmen. And his advocacy is now being compared with an advocacy launched recently that aims for the moral transformation of the citizens.  Chief Justice Reynato Puno was the proponent of this under his flagship, Moral Force Movement.

Here is a blog post from Journeyist, one of the most persistent socio-political bloggers around, who compares and finds similarities and differences between the two and ends up liking Isang Araw Lang campaign for its honesty and humility.

Here are few excerpts from –

The Moral Force Movement launched last Monday by Chief Justice Reynato Puno has caught the attention of the Filipino public hungering for moral renewal.

Highlighting the Moral Force Movement’s avowed mission, Puno called on the people “not to elect anyone who bribes, cheats, lies nor [to tolerate] anyone who does.” Volunteerism was his battle cry and thus enjoined every concerned citizen to “..not just stay neutral in this fight, for the surest way to lose a fight against evil is through the conspiracy of silence.”

What struck me as somewhat fascinating is that another movement, albeit in the form of a media campaign, has already been enabling people with a simple formula for moral recovery, one that Puno could adapt or better yet coalesce with. The campaign is called Isang Araw Lang (Just for a Day). Launched several months ago by veteran TV personality and Mr. Public Service Daniel Razon, Isang Araw Lang is proving to be not just realistic, and therefore sustainable, campaign but one that is authentic, and therefore has potential for engendering enduring changes.

To read more, visit Journeyist.

Thanks for that wonderful blog post!

Again, this reminds us of a quote from Kuya Daniel Razon – “Political position is not a prerequisite for an individual to fulfill his good desire to do public service.”

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  1. Bernard Adriatico permalink
    09/05/2009 6:47 am


    Pres. Barack Obama’s famous campaign line “Change we need, Yes, we can!” is not only his and the Americans’ battle cry. Similar to that is a nationwide campaign, Isang Araw Lang by TV Broadcaster Daniel Razon. It calls on every one to help those in need. Seeing there are people who actually “walk their talk” gives us hope and inspires us to unite and do the same.

    It is never too late to take part and make our hope a reality…
    Support, join and touch lives with Kuya Daniel Razon’s Isang Araw Lang campaign!

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