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Isang Araw Lang’s Unstoppable Success


It would’ve been a big surprise, a shock, even,  to see people storming the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC)  amidst the bad weather last July 26.  But knowing that they were there to watch Isang Araw Lang–the directorial debut film of Kuya Daniel Razon–it was only but expectable.

So, how did the determined moviegoers find it? Let’s read what some have to say…

bookishponyo says,

Mr. Razon’s vision of humanist cinema is different.  His film provide a welcome relief to another level of realism in cinema where the humanism shines over the visual motifs and symbolisms.  With humanism used here, I refer it to the sense that kindness and goodwill shine through versus most Filipino independent directors’ realistic depiction of crimes, violence and sex in their films. More

pointsandangles says,

I admit that when I saw the trailer of the movie, I thought to myself that I had the ending all figured out. But boy was I gobsmacked. I thought that this was just another action movie where the martial-arts-expert-turned-civilian battles his way through hell just to get the justice he deserves. But as I said, “gobsmacked”. More

enyasirch says,

I congratulate Kuya Daniel Razon also for his new project – free college education, which is one of the beneficiaries of this film among his other public service programs.  My ticket expense was truly worth it. I hope there’s a sequel!;) More

ebtenorio says,

It was an opportunity  last night to have seen the ISANG ARAW LANG The Movie, a digital film directed by no other than Mr. Public Service himself, Kuya Daniel Razon through Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International Incorporated, the media entity that holds and manages the Public Service Channel, UNTV 37. More

Successful? Unsurprisingly. And the best part is, it’s going global too.

This month of August, Isang Araw Lang will be showing in other parts of the globe. And the moment that happens, we’ll be right here to update our fellow fans of any and all the raving reviews, candid comments, and intelligent observations about our very own Kuya Daniel’s movie masterpiece.

What do you have to say about Isang Araw Lang the movie? Let us know. Just e-mail us at

Merci beaucoup!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 08/03/2009 9:44 am

    Thank you for considering my post.

    I really enjoyed the film.

    You are right, even while the weather was not good that day, the Plenary Hall was stormed by thousands of avid fans of Mr. Daniel Razon.

    Congratulations to Mr. Public Service.

  2. 08/04/2009 6:34 am

    Am happy to be part of the screening night. It was always a pleasure to share the smallest of deed that I can contribute to Mr. Public Service’s programs — I learned it from Kuya Daniel Razon!

    Thanks for quoting me here. am totally flustered. ;)

  3. 08/10/2009 1:18 am

    I actually haven’t seen the movie yet. But I already fell it that it would be more interesting than any of the other movies. This movie of Kuya Daniel teaches lesson to every humankind, to those who doesn’t have the feeling of helping their fellowmen.

    We are very proud of our kuya daniel & kuya for everyone!
    keep up the great job!

  4. dokiboi permalink
    08/11/2009 11:41 am

    I haven’t seen the movie yet …..looking forward to be shown in our place …..go go go Mr. Pulic Service
    we believe you can do more

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