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Kuya Daniel among top picks to be Senate candidate


“Senator Kuya Daniel”

If you think it sounds a nice ring, then you’re not the only one. According to today’s Funfare writeup on, a retired political science professor, Prof. Luis Consultacion, sent them his list of a Senate slate that boasts of outstanding media practitioners. Naturally, our very own Kuya Daniel makes the list.

For five years now, Kuya Daniel Razon through UNTV has shown the country and the world public service unheard of in the history of broadcasting. Truly, UNTV has a lot to celebrate and nothing could be said but “Kudos” and “Thanks a lot!” on their fifth anniversary. But enough about what we have to say about Kuya and the network he so magnificently manages. Here is what the good Prof. had to say:

Daniel Razon — As head of UNTV, he has built a strong following especially among the seniors in our midst. His programs giving aid to the elderly and to the poor have put him in good stead. Handsome and genial, he commands popularity especially with members of Ang Dating Daan Christian sect.

To read the whole article of Ricardo F. Lo on, click here.

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  1. Reinerita P. Salcedo permalink
    07/31/2009 1:28 pm

    This is a big WOW!


    God’s will be done!

  2. 07/31/2009 1:42 pm


    Mr. Daniel Razon is senatoriable.

    I think that even without a party, he can win – in a clean elections that is.

    We emphasize this because the way elections are held in the Philippines is far from credible.

    The country needs the few good men that there is.

    I have a naughty thought back in my mind though. His would-be peers would be afraid of his presence. They know he would not go along shenanigans.

    Somehow politics appears to be the cousin of corruption. but it need not be.

    Let his guy show you.

  3. 07/31/2009 2:56 pm


    God’s will, looking forward to reach-out more people, Kuya!

  4. nataniel permalink
    08/01/2009 2:43 am

    yes,approved yan ,ganitong klaseng tao ang kailangan ng bayan binansagang mr.public service kuya daniel razon,ayos sa akin ito na maging senador, kasama ang aking buong pamilya na susuporta at ikakampanya ko pa ito,very humble person at madali lapitan kung kailangan ng tulong ..yes ako jan …

  5. jamie sullivan permalink
    08/03/2009 5:00 am

    The Philippines needs a senator like Kuya Daniel.

    For the past years, Kuya Daniel has been continuously doing public service, showing how pure his intention is to help the needy.

    Many politicians today just do good during their campaign period. In exchange of electoral vote, of course.

  6. 08/03/2009 9:39 am

    Yes, that is all we hope for. I hope Mr. Razon will run. I am very interested in what he does best – humanitarian service. He’s the most qualified I think to enter politics.

    However, I hope he will not be blocked by his detractors when run in Senate. To recall, despite winning, he was denied this seat just because his detractors hired somebody to file an invented case to prevent him from occupying a Congressional seat. The last I heard, however, such case was dismissed and COMELEC sees he’s really deserving of that seat.

    But minus the Seat, what surprised me is how this man still manage to fulfill his promises to his constituents even without the position. This is proof enough that Mr. Razon is not after fame, power and glory. Because after all, what is important to Daniel Razon, is to inspire positive and goodwill among fellowmen.

  7. jorge peter permalink
    08/04/2009 12:13 am

    we need this like of man,a man with a true good intension to help w/o waiting for any return.THE BOHOLANOS SUPPORTS YOU!

  8. khimaw permalink
    10/09/2009 2:08 am


  9. 10/20/2009 3:54 am

    their are few good men in this world,and one of them is kuya Daniel razon.

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