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“Isang Araw Lang the Movie’s” Premiere Night!


Mark your calendars! Kuya Daniel just announced the premiere night of his Isang Araw Lang the Movie!

Just before the magazine-morning show (which is actually more of a public service program) Good Morning, Kuya! ended today, Kuya Daniel Razon finally revealed what many have been itching to know ever since they watched its trailer–the premiere night of the Isang Araw Lang the Movie.

“July 19, 2009 at the Meralco Theater” says Kuya Daniel inviting everyone to watch the said movie-for-a-cause. The proceeds of the said film will be for the various public services headed by Kuya Daniel as showed on UNTV, like the daily medical mission and legal services, all for free.

Like the coffee table book and the Looking Beyond Photo Exhibit early this year, Kuya Daniel did the movie because he doesn’t want to just ask from people what he will use to help others. In fact, that’s the very essence of the Isang Araw Lang advocacy–calling on for people to do the good they can for their fellowmen.

So watch Kuya Daniel in his first digital movie, Isang Araw Lang the Movie, on July 19. But just in case you can’t possibly go that night, you can watch him at the movie’s special screening at the PICC Plenary Hall on July 26, 2009.

For more details about the movie, click here.

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  1. enyasirch permalink
    06/29/2009 11:05 am

    I’ll mark july 19 on the calendar and invite people to watch. This is another Kuya Daniel’s project that anyone shouldn’t miss!

    Aside from getting entertained by watching Isang Araw Lang, you have also contributed feeding and clothing the transients in the Kamanggagawa Transient Home.

    I’m sure many people with a soft spot in their hearts will support this debut movie of Kuya Daniel. move over, Harry Potter! =)

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