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Public service campaign ad for Isang Araw Lang, now on Youtube


Good news for everyone!  We posted here one of the Youtube videos of the Isang Araw Lang public service call by Kuya Daniel Razon.

No to Drugs Campaign Ad for Isang Araw Lang public call by Kuya Daniel Razon.

What again is this so-called Isang Araw Lang (Just One Day) public service campaign by Kuya Daniel Razon?

On his website, the call was once made by the Public Service man himself, encouraging every one who is capable to extend any help they can give to the less fortunate Filipinos in their own will.

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  1. EagerReader permalink*
    04/22/2009 3:53 am

    Kuya Daniel Razon’s call is undeniable and should spark a little revolution on the side of goodwill.

    Isn’t it high time that we take a moment to think how we can share few acts of kindness to our fellowmen, even for a day. For a week, for a month. Until, sharing goodwill is second nature.

    This is a wake up call and we need not be cynical about the intention of this sincere initiative.

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