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Kuya Daniel: Plans on Reviving Student Canteen Now in BusinessMirror


Kuya Daniel’s plan in reving Student Canteen occupies BusinessMirror’s online space!  

Daniel Razon wants to revive Student Canteen

All Access  by  Ricky T. Gallardo

Broadcaster and TV personality Daniel Razon is bent on reviving the now-defunct noontime show Student Canteen.  This, we learned when we spoke to Razon recently.

“I was able to talked lengthily to Kuya Eddie [Ilarde], one of the pioneers of the popular, long-running show, and he got excited about the idea. In fact, I told him that he is very much welcome to come in as one of the program hosts, in case this plan takes off.”

Razon is one of the top honchos that run UNTV, originally a public-service channel. He clarifies, “I do not own UNTV, and I want to set the record straight. I am a mere officer for this company who also dabbles in hosting.” Razon hosts Good Morning, Kuya on the channel.

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