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On March 18, 2009, posted this article, we are posting here the first few parts of  said article –


Kuya Daniel Razon gives speech during Looking Beyond Photo Exhibit

Kuya Daniel Razon gives speech during Looking Beyond Photo Exhibit

Kuya Daniel Razon‘s compassion to humanity puts him at the top of his game as a public servant. He benchmarked the success of a photo exhibit two years ago for the benefit of the Kamanggagawa Foundation. This year, the same compassion drove him to hold another photo exhibit and lead him to another success.

Entitled Looking Beyond, the multi-talented host of Good Morning Kuya! (GMK) on UNTV once again showcased his photographic prowess for charitable causes at the Garden Ballroom, Edsa, Shangri-La Hotel on February 26, 2009.

“There are things which prove that there is an Intelligent Being who made the animals and us all,” Kuya Daniel answered a media man before he spoke in front of a wide audience that filled every corner of the venue. Most of the photographs displayed were about nature and animals—from the tamed and untamed beasts to the simplest of yellow and white-petal flowers in bloom.

In his 30-minute remark, Kuya Daniel invited the audience to look beyond each picture. “I don’t want you to look at the pictures alone, or the colors, or the sharpness of the picture, or the vividness, or whatever it is that you should look for in a good picture. But I want you to look beyond it.”

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  1. P. Cruz permalink
    03/31/2009 6:24 am

    Kuya Daniel Razon helped me look beyond things seen. He is an astounding humanitarian. And quite the photographer as well!

    May God bless him and his family. :)

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