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Falling crude and oil prices: Will benefit local commuters?


Non-Profit Organizations determined to give true public service

UNTV 37 Libreng Sakay sa Bus project by Good Morning Kuya

UNTV 37 Libreng Sakay sa Bus project as shown on Good Morning Kuya

Can Juan dela Cruz go to work today from Monumento to Pasay and then go back with only P20.00 in his pocket? With the crude and oil stock in high supply and their prices falling down, does it mean Filipinos have their bailout from the ever-increasing transportation fare?

Considering the local economic history, majority may still be pessimistic despite the government’s recent claim that the country could withstand the effect of U.S. recession.

“The world economy is like an ecosystem that is chained. Like a spider-web, damage in a spot can affect the whole.” This is an excerpt translated from Tagalog from Juned Sonido’s article posted in FilipinoVoices.Com.

Tony Lopez explained in another angle this economic chain. “If large corporations have difficulty borrowing money they will have difficulty expanding or even sustaining existing operations. If they cut back, there will be layoffs. If there are layoffs, consumers will spend less. If consumers spend less, industries will sell less,” he stated in his column Virtual Reality dated Jan 8, 2008.

This means that even though there is sufficient supply of oil, the issue will still be its affordability to other countries. Some trade-in prices are high, and that could affect financial plans from corporations to individuals.

In the same manner, economic analysts state that in an underprivileged country like the Philippines, even a tiny economic adjustment could be threatening to a family’s daily budget.

On the lighter side, public service from Non-Profit Organizations is intense in the country despite the dubious state of local and global economy. One of the most notable is the UNTV Free Bus Ride.

Meant to help the poor commuters even to at least save some fare, this free service allows them to keep their budget for more important things. So if Juan can wake up early, he can catch the free bus ride, which is officially known as UNTV Libreng Sakay.

This free-service project is in cooperation with the religious program Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) led by evangelical broadcaster Bro. Eli Soriano. What was once just a vision of Mr. Daniel Razon, host of UNTV morning program Good Morning Kuya, is now realized through their combined efforts.

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